Welcome to the English Department!

We would like to open the door for you to the colourful world of the English language. Come in and familiarize yourself with the global language, and learn to like the literature of the English, Irish, Americans and other peoples who use and shape English. Apart from the regular classes of the official curriculum, we offer special FCE and CAE courses and the English Club for our advanced students. We also plan to add a CPE course for the next generation of English learners.
Furthermore, we try to teach you English through drama. Two outstanding English and American drama groups perform a classic play for you in our Aula every year. The European Theatre Group of the University of Cambridge, England, and the American Drama Group Europe have been visiting us for almost three decades, performing their delightful plays in our Aula each year.

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If you have any questions, ask one of the teachers of our English team:
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